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Lyons, Snyder & Collin offers specialized legal representation to children injured by someone else’s negligence.


All of the attorneys at Lyons & Snyder are parents of young children. We are intimately involved in their lives, from coaching their sports teams, participating in the Indian Princess program and being on the PTA.  Our children are the main focus of our lives and there is NOTHING more important to us than their safety.  


We understand that children are vulnerable and susceptible to accidents as they are less inclined to appreciate the risks associated with play or other activities.  Preventive actions taken by adults may not be understood by children.  Children need to be protected at all costs.  Drivers cannot rely on assertions like, “he/she should have seen me turning”.  Businesses cannot rely on written warning signs since some young children are not yet able to read.  Businesses must appreciate the risks such as, wet floors, landscaping spikes, sharp corners, and burning pipes and not hide behind assertions that “the child should know better” or the liability was “open and obvious”.  We aggressively and relentlessly go after any person or entity that injures children as a result of negligence or “cutting corners” with their safety measures and work hard to get your child the recovery they deserve.


As with adults, injuries to children may occur in a variety of ways, but often involve:

  • Auto accidents.
  • Bicycle accidents (very common in South Florida suburban neighborhoods).
  • Sexual Abuse or Physical Abuse by a teacher, coach, or caregiver.
  • Injuries on playground equipment.
  • Slips, falls, or trips on someone else’s property;
  • Injuries from landscaping or construction equipment or debris.
  • Severe burns.
  • Dog bites.
  • Swimming and other water-related accidents.


Our personal injury attorneys will take the time to explain with you the process of determining a likely settlement value and the reasons why accidents involving children may resolve for certain amounts. We will also provide guidance on what, if anything, you can do to maximize the value of your child’s case.  Upon request, we can also help find local doctors that specialize in the care of children.  Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital has some of the best pediatric orthopedic surgeons in Florida.


Although it can be challenging to place a dollar value on your child’s injuries, there are some considerations that go into determining what should be included in any personal injury claim for a minor.  We are mindful that these types of conversations can be uncomfortable and emotionally draining.  Rest assured that you can trust our attorneys to treat your child’s case as if it were our child’s case.  We will exhibit compassion, empathy and patience while keeping in mind that justice must be served for your child’s pain.



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Crystal Smiles
Crystal Smiles
19:12 15 Jan 21
I was involved in an auto accident which resulted in neck surgery. I needed professional legal guidance during the very painful and stressful process. My friend from church, who is also an Attorney recommended Philip Snyder, of the law office of Lyons, Snyder, & Collin, P.A. I strongly encourage and recommend Mr. Snyder and his excellent team. The team is professional and dedicated. From beginning till end the firm displayed and expressed that their priority and dedication was to advocate for their clients. All my questions were answered and Phil and his staff were always available to assist me during this process. At the end of my case I was extremely satisfied. I had the very best help that I could have asked for.
Tiffany Leggett
Tiffany Leggett
13:51 13 Dec 20
Getting into an accident is a difficult situation all in itself. Figuring out who was best to legally represent myself and my daughter, was easy. Marc and Vanessa have been nothing short of amazing. They’ve been very informative on the process. Vanessa has been great at keeping me up to date every step of the way and making sure myself and the baby were taken care. I would recommend their representation hands down.
Amanda Merced
Amanda Merced
13:44 21 Oct 20
After my accident i was so scared on the legal process that was gonna follow and having to speak to a lawyer. Phil Snyder was recommended by a friend, and am i glad i went. Him and his assistant Martha are very organized, always respond in a timely matter, informative, and professional. Forever thankful to Phil and Martha for working so hard everyday to get the highest settlement. Will be reaching back if in need of any future legal questions.
A Google User
A Google User
18:15 05 Oct 20
Thank you, Phil for all your help. I also enjoyed working with Martha. I appreciate you both for going above and beyond to assist me after my accident.
Ron Kapellusch
Ron Kapellusch
17:41 18 Sep 20
Many thanks to Marc and Vanessa for handling our injury case. They kept in constant contact with us and we received a settlement far beyond our expectations. Would highly recommend this firm
13:49 24 Aug 20
Mr. Collins and his team at Lyons, Snyder & Collins, PA. was nothing but exceptional, professional, and responsive with my case. They address any concerns that I might had and were able to handle my case in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend this legal team to handle any future family cases that I might have or refer my friends and colleagues.
Dana Sailsman
Dana Sailsman
04:05 17 Aug 20
I was quite impressed with everyone at Lyons, Snyder and Collin, P.A. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for knowledgeable and compassionate attorneys. Sean and Nabeel superbly handled my relocation case. It was a difficult case and they let me know of the difficulties up front. They also reassured me that they would do whatever they could to try and obtain a positive outcome. Nabeel went above and beyond to make certain everything went smoothly. He kept in constant communication and was there whenever I had any questions or concerns.
luci vantol
luci vantol
20:09 17 Jul 20
This was my first time needing a lawyer. Phil Snyder was recommended by a friend. Him and his assistant Martha are wonderful. They are both very professional, personable, quick to respond, stayed on top of the case all the way through , kept me informed at all time, and worked their tails off to make sure that I was taken care off. I just know that I ever need any kind of legal help they will be the first one that I will reach out too. Thank you again Phil and Martha for a wonderful job.
Christine Schafer
Christine Schafer
17:27 24 Jun 20
The lawyers at Lyons, Snyder, & Collin are all truly exceptional. As an attorney myself, I’m very selective with who I recommend to my own clients for various legal needs because, ultimately, it is a reflection on me. Should any of my own clients get into a car accident or face family issues (such as divorce, paternity issues, etc) then this is the firm I recommend. Phil, Sean and Marc are brilliant, professional, aggressive and top notch lawyers. Their team is responsive, efficient and on the ball. Hire this firm - you wont regret it!
rosemary familia
rosemary familia
21:09 27 May 20
Phil and Martha are an amazing team! Throughout the entire process of dealing with my out of state case, from start to finish they were professional, informative, and very quick to respond. Even when i thought about asking a particular question they would already provide an answer before even knowing i was thinking about it! Thank you both for keeping me calm throughout this and help providing me with the information i needed for relief. Phil - for all of those calls keeping me up to date with the process - Thank you for your patience.
George Przybylski
George Przybylski
14:13 20 Mar 20
I was in a serious motor vehicle accident and in need of a good attorney. What I found was an amazing law firm in Lyons, Snyder, & Collin, P.A. I spoke to Mr. Snyder for the first time and he spent over an hour on the phone going over every detail of my case. From day one I was updated at least once a week if not more on the progress of my case. Mr. Snyder’s assistant Martha was a god sent. She would return emails and calls within minutes. If there is any reason to hire a law firm then this is the only call you need to make, and rest assured that everything that can be done will be done in a timely manner. If I could give more than 5 stars I would. If you want the best of the best then call Lyons, Snyder, & Collin, P.A.
Elena B
Elena B
17:28 19 Feb 20
I found Sean Collin through Google search, I'm glad that I did! After having few lawyers and a bad mediation agreement, I came to Sean hopeless and insecure. He was able to give me solutions to the situation I was in. After going to court and trying to settle my mediation agreement, Sean was able to help in changing my mediation agreement and finalize everything towards my favor! Now, once is completely over, I could not be thankful enough to Sean Collin and his team for their understanding, professionalism and caring! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is in need! I can't thank them enough for being there during difficult times!
01:23 19 Feb 20
My experience with Lyons, Snyder & Collin , PA law firm has been a great one. I am very happy with how Mr. Snyder handled my car accident case with the results. I have nothing but good things to say about them.The staff is extremely professional. Anytime I had questions or concerns, I would call and Martha or my attorney Philip Snyder would always have an answer for me. Their follow up before and after my surgery was outstanding. They care about their clients well being.I have texted and called the staff at any time and have always received an immediate answer that was detailed.They exceeded my expectations . I have highly recommended them to family and friends and will continue. This is a very professional, courteous and caring group which work hard for their clients.Thank you Martha for always being so pleasant and to my Attorney Phill Snyder for all you did for me. I would definitely recommend this law firm…and would definitely use them again.
Lauren Pomerantz
Lauren Pomerantz
00:06 20 Dec 19
These are caring professionals! I would only recommend my family or friends to see them. I was fortunate to have the help of Phil Snyder who is one of the most helpful and thorough lawyers you will ever meet. He cares about his clients very much and it’s easy to see. Also, Martha was incredible in the office! She also is helping make the magic happen. I highly recommend!
Gaby Rodriguez
Gaby Rodriguez
16:56 19 Dec 19
Phillip, and his team excel in communication, and are ahead of the curb. Martha is lovely, and she is quick to reply. Part of being successful is the team you build, and surround yourself with. This is exactly that and more. Phillip is always considerate, caring and compassionate. He wants the best for his clients and is passionate about what he does. I had an unfortunate situation, and for him I am thankful. I could not have asked for a better team, and if ever I need anything legally, I feel confident in knowing that they will steer me in the right direction. Trust me, you want them to take care of you!!!! -Gaby
judy subachan
judy subachan
20:34 13 Dec 19
5.0 star rating 12/9/2019 I was going through a difficult divorce. I was a single mom with 3 children, and I was not receiving any child support. A friend referred me to Sean Collin. I went to see Sean. He was knowledgeable, helpful with all my concerns, and compassionate through the most difficult time in my life. The results of my divorce, are better then I hoped for. Sean and his team, went above and beyond, and always kept me informed. I would highly recommend Sean and his team to my family and friends. Thank you Sean, for everything you did for me and my children!!!
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When we are not in court, Marc P. Lyons and Philip M. Snyder serve as legal commentators for CNN, FOX News, and HLN.

By having the negligent party pay out damages in your case, the negligent party will be more careful and impose more safeguards in the future which will hopefully protect other parents, children, and families from similar trauma that your family has suffered.

Some of the factors that go in to valuing a case:

  • Past and future medical expenses based on the child’s normal life expectancy and the long-term anticipated costs and needs of the child.
  • Past and future pain and suffering and loss and enjoyment of life.
    • These damages can be substantial if the child suffered a permanent and/or significant injury (including damaged growth plate, disfigurement, or brain injury) which will prohibit the child from engaging in certain activities for the rest of his or her life
    • Children should also be compensated for missing events such as birthday parties, family vacations, camp, cruises, sports leagues, etc.
  • The cost of living with any type of permanent disability, including any special equipment, home modifications, or limitations on where and how the injured party must live. If the injury will require the care of a nurse or other third party into the future, that cost must also be included.
  • Loss of potential future wages, salary, or earning capacity as a result of the injury.
  • Mental anguish and emotional distress that arise for children confronted by a serious injury, such as insecurity, fear, terror, or depression (i.e. child refuses to get into a car or attend school).


Common Injuries to Children in Florida

Although children sustain many injuries similar to those sustained by adults, they are also more prone to certain types of injuries.  The impact of some injuries can affect a child’s life far more significantly than a similar injury would affect an adult.

Here are some of the injuries that particularly affect children.

  • Broken Bones. These injuries are very common in accidents involving children. Broken bones are painful injuries.  Although most broken bones heal relatively easily, some require surgical intervention and can affect a child’s physical development, especially with injuries involving growth plates.  We have represented several children who suffered from broken arms, wrists, knee caps and ankles, many of which required surgery.
  • Broken jaw and displaced teeth.
  • Torn knee or elbow.
  • Punctured body part (i.e. from stepping on or tripping over a landscaping spike or construction debris)
  • Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injuries.
  • Back and neck injuries.

Accident attorneys Philip M. Snyder and Marc P. Lyons handle all accidents involving children on a contingency basis. This means if we do not collect any money, you owe us nothing. That is our no-fee guarantee.

Do not let your child and family go through the headache of handling a personal injury case alone. Let us make the negligent party feel your pain and we will work hard to get you the results you deserve.  Call now for a free consultation.

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